Jance, 1254 Jance, Rostuša, Macedonia

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About Us

A Dream Come True

Tefik Tefikoski

Tutto Hotel is located in Janche - one of the few pre-stays in
Macedonia that has just reached its authentic appearance.
Jance is located in the heart of the Mavrovo National Park, in the
municipality of Mavrovo - Rostushe.
Tutto hotels are born as a result of the dream of a man who has been
working for a long time in the country. The owner, Tefik Tefikoski, built every corner with his passion to conduct activities such as the restoration of old houses using authentic techniques
with local materials, such as land, wood and stone. Today, we have luxurious apartments that are used for accommodation in hotels near the hotels.

Authentic Village

The little village Jance is authentic due to its old, traditional architecture built from natural, raw goods. Much in the same manner, the hotel Tutto itself is also built following the same principle using natural raw materials. In addition to the eco-friendly architecture, the beautiful panoramic views of Bistra, Krchin and Stogovo mountains are especially inviting joined with the murmur of river Radika and the lively chorus of local birds.
Hospitality tradition

All Natural Food

In addition to the beauty nature has to offer in this part of North Macedonia, at the hotel you may also have the opportunity to enjoy the “dolnorekanska” specialty cuisine. The restaurant menu includes both local and international dishes prepared with natural, locally sourced produce. Some of the dishes include: Sarajlija pie, Kachamak, Tuto’s Vrgan, Homemade Ajvar, Cottage cheese and peppers, Baked beans, Tutto’s pottery dish, Alanditi, Cornbread and many other specialties. In Hotel Tutto also there is a seasonal harvest of local, organic blackberries, plums, strawberries, mushrooms and other plants, as well as preparation and packaging of jams, juices and other delicacies. Products are available to guests for purchase.
Nature All Around

Have Fun!

So stay at Hotel Tutto and enjoy the beautiful attractions such as Galicnik, The waterfall Duf, monasteries sv. Jovan Bigorski.

One wouldn’t visit Jance by accident, but with the purpose to align with nature because things flow naturally here, much like river Radika does itself.