Radika Valley & Mavrovo

Mavrovo LakeThe ancient Monastery of Sveti Jovan Bigorski
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The National Park of Mavrovo, with its lake and mountains, and in particular the Valley of Radika River, where Tutto Hotel is located, offer many beauties and sightseeings to the visitor. Close to Tutto Hotel is Galicnik, an ancient village well known for its traditional wedding in the month of July. The tradition gets its origin in the fact that men used to go working abroad and to remain abroad most time of the year. All weddings in the village where officiated together before the men's leave, with all the village taking part in them. Nowadays every year a couple is selected whose wedding is going to be officiated according to the ancient tradition and from the entire Macedonia and abroad people come to see the village party. But the village is worth the visit also out of the traditional feast, for its traditional architecture and ancient houses. A path connects Galicnik to Jance, where Tutto Hotel is, and its possible to organize treks or horse rides to the village.

Another remarkable sightseeing very close to the Hotel, is the Monastery of Sveti Jovan Bigorsi. The beautiful monastery complex, embraced to the mountains, is famous in particular for its astonishing iconostasis by Petre Filipov Garkata. It's a perfect place to let your soul breath admiring the architectures and Radika Valley. In 2009 a fire destroyed part of the ancient monastery leaving fortunately untouched both the church and the ancient library. The reconstruction begun in 2010 with help coming from worlwide.

Many other treks and visits can be organized from the hotel, as to the Duf waterfalls, to the ancient bridge named the 'Jump of the Deer' (Elen Skok), to the glacial lake of Lokuv or to traditional villages around.


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Jance is an untouched pearl in Mavrovo Park, where it is possible to admire an old village almost as it was. Its ancient houses are made of stone and wood and have the typical architecture on several floors, which characterizes this part of Macedonia.

Spend your stay in a traditional house

Tutto-Tefik, the hotel owner, has restaured some of the ancient houses, turning them into private apartments where guests can choose to spend their stay in Jance. These houses mix the tradition furniture to contemporary facilities satisfying the guests needs in terms of comfort and communication.

Traditional Food

Traditional FoodAlva made according to the traditionPita, Ajvar and other of our dishes
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Discovering a culture is also tasting its food. Macedonian tradition counts plenty tasty dishes which we prepare using only natural and local ingredients. Among the others we suggest in particular: our 'selsko meso' (village meat), our wonderful pita (a salty pie with vegetables, cheese or meat), alanditi, grilled lamb, corn bread, kachamak, the traditional cheese made by breeders on Bistra mountain, baklava (the traditional sweet made with honey and nuts) and shekerpare (another kind of sweet made with honey and nuts).


Hotel TuttoTutto Hotel is in Jance, Mavrovo Park (Macedonia). It has 7 beautiful & spacious rooms with private terrace.


Restaurant TuttoThe hotel restaurant can host up to 400 guests and has two terraces. It is member of Slow Food Macedonia.


The traditional natural plasterWe held seminars on ecological building and restauration or we can host your seminars if you want to.

Sport & Tourism

The mountains above the HotelMavrovo Park and Radika Valley have plenty wonderful sighseeings and are perfect for sport activities.