Ecological Plaster

Ecological PlasterEcological PlasterEcological Plaster
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Since many years, long before the eco-building trend begun, Tutto-Tefik started building using ecological and natural materials. He rediscovered and gave new dignity to the ancient building traditions of Mavrovo. Our beautiful plaster, breathable, waterproof, durable - as the ancient houses keep on showing, can be made in different colors and styles to suite at best your needs. It can be used for the external walls as for the internal.

Ecological Building

Natural & Ecological BuildingNatural & Ecological BuildingNatural & Ecological BuildingNatural & Ecological Building
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But not only the external plaster layer is ecological in our way of building. All the building itself is made using only natural construction materials, such as stone, wood, straw and earth. 'Ecological Building is both a design process and the structure that is a result of such a design process.(..) An Ecological Building is a structure that is designed to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with all of the elements of its local ecology' (from Wikipedia: Ecological Building).

We believe that buildings should come back to their origins of a deeper relation with the environment around them, in order to achieve a better sustainability, decrease the use of pollutant materials and gain a winning combination of new solutions and ancient traditions.

Ecological Restauration

The old houses of JanceThe old houses of JanceAncient Houses RestoredAncient Houses RestoredAncient Houses Restored
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Tutto-Tefik has restaured part of the ancient houses of the village using only ecological materials and taking to new live this spaces. These houses can be visited and guests can choose to spend there theirs stay in Jance.

Sleep in a restaured house

The houses have been turned into private apartments mixing traditional furniture to all modern facilities in order to grant comfort to the guests.

Seminars on Eco-Building

Natural & Ecological BuildingNatural & Ecological Building
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Tutto-Tefik has an active collaboration with the University of Architecture in Paris. Seminars where organized in Jance on ecological building and ecological restauration and a documentary has been filmed on it.

If you are interested in, we can organize a seminar for you and your partners on these subjects. There is no better location as an ancient village where to discover and try these traditional and renewed building techniques. You will see houses built according to traditional ecological principles centuries ago, which have passed by many frozen winters, deep rains and hot summers and are still beautiful today. You can have yous 'hands on' in the houses which are still under restauration to get a total experience of the ecological techniques.


Hotel TuttoTutto Hotel is in Jance, Mavrovo Park (Macedonia). It has 7 beautiful & spacious rooms with private terrace.


Restaurant TuttoThe hotel restaurant can host up to 400 guests and has two terraces. It is member of Slow Food Macedonia.


The traditional natural plasterWe held seminars on ecological building and restauration or we can host your seminars if you want to.

Sport & Tourism

The mountains above the HotelMavrovo Park and Radika Valley have plenty wonderful sighseeings and are perfect for sport activities.